What if I told you there was a platform for you to express your opinions and perspectives about all that truly matters in our daily life?  What if I told you that instead of browsing meaninglessly through social networking, you can embark on a journey through an app that will free your mind and grant you a voice?

Debatoria is an app designed to respond to our natural argumentative instincts, while refining them into a productive form of debating. We believe that, with the existence of Debatoria, issues related to uncivilized and detrimental arguments over the cyberspace will decrease substantially.

Debatoria has come at a time when people have so many opinions to express. Our aim is to reach everyone and give them the opportunity to debate and share their opinion about topics that interest them via a simple and user friendly App. 


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Are you ready to start debating with people from all around the world? Are you ready to speak your mind? Are you ready to meet Debatoria?