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General Question

What is Debatoria?

Debatoria is an intranet platform that allows employees within an organisation to share their ideas. It is used by companies that want to encourage innovation and transparency of ideas along their departments.

Can I sign up to Debatoria as a single user?

In order to sign-up, your employer will provide you with an employee user code that will enable you to sign up and join Debatoria within your organisation.

Is Debatoria free?

We have a free plan with limited features and a payed plan with extra personalised features. Please visit Pricing

How to Sign-Up as a company employer?

If you are an employer that is interested in using Debatoria within your team, please use this section to Sign Up to any of our plans and we will get back to you within 3 working days.

Can we cancel our subscription?

Cancelation without a fee within 30 days. Afterr 30 days please contact us

Is it possible to pay per month instead of the annual billing?

Yes, it is possible. The pricing will vary form 2€ per user per month to 2,90€ per user per month. Please contact us for more details

Are our ideas secured within the Debatoria platforrm?

Every company is presented with legal documents that ensure that all the information shared and published on the Debatoria platform will have a full non disclosure agreement. This along with other security measures mentioned in our privacy section will ensure full protection of all ideas shared on Debatoria.

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Debatoria Social App

What is Debatoria App?

Debatoria is the first virtual debate platform that allows users from all around the world to debate, share their opinion and argue in a civilized and productive manner until they reach a conclusion.

How do I download Debatoria App?

Debatoria is avaialble on iOS and Android. Here are the links: IOS: Android:

Can I post my own debates?

Yes, actually thats the point of Debatoria App. You will be able to post your debates and share them with the rest of the world. Sometimes if the topics are interesting, we will post them on Instagram and mention you :)

What is the difference between Debatoria Social App and Debatoria Intranet?

Debatoria has two main products: Debatoria " The World of Ideas". This product is an intranet that allows employees inside organizations to share their ideas, rate them and execute them. It is available only for companies. Debatoria " The World of Debate". This is the App available for the public to download free of cost. It is a platform that allows users to perform a virtual debate and reach conclusions on different topics.

Any questions related to the App?

Send us an email at and we´ll get back to you in less than 24hrs